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Nathan/Haley Fanfiction Community of Hotness
About the Community

NHotness is a community for fan fiction, art, and challenges based on the The WB’s One Tree Hill. More specifically based on the relationship between Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott. All genres and ratings of fic are welcome here as long as the rules are followed and posters remain friendly.

The Mods

Fiction Rating Guidelines

PG: No adult content or language.
PG-13: If you can watch One Tree Hill, you can read this. May include some adult content, including mild sexual situations, little violence, and swearing, such as "damn", "ass" or "bitch".
R: Contains adult situations and language. Stronger profanity, sexual situations and violence are included, as well as adult issues.
NC-17: Graphic violence and/or sexual situations.

If confused about what to rate your fic, feel free to ask around. Usually language or sexual content is the determining factor.

The Rules

It is important to the readers as well as yourself to run your fic through spell and grammar check before posting. sTiCkY and ALL-CAPS posts are extremely un-fun to read, so avoid typing this way. Thank you.

01. Subject line should be formatted like this:

Fic: Title (Pairing/Character) Rating


Ficlet: Title (Pairing/Character) Rating*

*Ficlet can be open to interpretation. Generally, anything under 1,000 words is labeled a ficlet, but it's up to the author.

02. Please post your actual story below an LJ-Cut to keep the page easily readable. (Don't know how to do an LJ-cut? See here .)

Above the cut, please include:

Word Count:

Author’s Note: ( i.e. Any other notes you may have about the fic.)

If your post doesn't include an LJ-cut and/or ALL of the header information you will be informed to change it. If you haven’t changed it after the third warning, your post will be deleted. So please pay attention to the rules. Everyone else will thank you.

03. Feedback is vital to writers. It’s what we live for. So please be kind and give some thoughtful feedback.

04. If you would prefer not to have constructive criticism on your fic, please note it above the LJ-Cut. If you don't state it, readers will assume you don't mind constructive suggestions about how to improve.

05.As stated above, this is a Nathan/Haley community which means the Nathan/Haley ship only; threesome/foursome/moresome fics are not allowed in this community. While other characters can, of course, feature in the submitted stories, all we ask is that the focus be on Nathan/Haley and that they're the only ones sexing each other up.

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